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Contact Painting by Pros for your paint prep work

Are you planning to update the interior of your home? If so, make sure your drywall is ready to be painted.

Painting by Pros can prepare every wall and surface for the painting process. By eliminating holes, dents and imperfections in the drywall, our team will get your living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen ready for fresh, lively color. Your beautified interior begins here!


The Painting by Pros team knows drywall. We excel at:

  • Drywall dent repair – Are there nail or tack holes in your walls? Painting by Pros will make them disappear.
  • Drywall dent repair – Did a do-it-yourself project go awry? Painting by Pros can fill in and smooth out any dent damage.
  • Wallpaper removal – Say goodbye to that ugly, retro-era wallpaper. Painting by Pros will remove it quickly and thoroughly.

Call 404-317-9441 to schedule interior paint prep from Painting by Pros.